404 Lighthouse Road, East Point, PEI

Harry was a man of deep faith, who loved his family and his work, and who truly believed that where he lived and worked was heaven on earth. In summer he enjoyed cutting grass and maintaining the Light, as it allowed him to appreciate his surroundings. Not so much in winter, as the severe and unpredictable weather at East Point could move in fast, and being storm stayed for days was a real possibility.

Harry was well known in his community as a jack of all trades, and he had a talent for fixing almost anything that was broken. Neighbors were always welcome to drop by with a project, and Harry would love to take it apart, repair it like new, and would never accept a penny of payment. He took great pride in his work, and the East Point  Light Station was in tip top shape when Harry Harris was on duty. The Harris family are direct descendents of survivors of the shipwreck “The Santo Domingo” which foundered off East Point in 1822. It seems obvious that the ocean played an important part in the Harris lineage then and now, as it continues today with members of the family active in careers in the fishing industry and in the Canadian Coast Guard.