404 Lighthouse Road, East Point, PEI

Alexander Beaton was a farmer; he farmed his homestead on the south side of the Lighthouse road. He was the first lighthouse keeper at the East Point Lighthouse. This was a political appointment. The lighthouse was located on his farm. He also served as postmaster until the post office was moved to the home of his cousin, James Angus.

Alex could be arrogant and haughty. He could also be witty. It has been said that while in Charlottetown he wen to the government office dealing with lighthouses. An official there asked him, “Do you belong to East Point?” He replied, “No, East Point belongs to me!” Unperturbed the man continued, “Are you the keeper of the light?” He quickly replied, “No, the light keeps me”. His family, the Beaton’s, owned a great deal of East Point. Alex owed “The Point” itself. The lighthouse provided his source of income.