404 Lighthouse Road, East Point, PEI


We get asked all the time if there is ever any treasure found at East Point. Well here is something that I would consider a treasure, and you might agree. Stewart MacIntyre was the 4th keeper at the East Point Lighthouse, and his daughter Ruth was born there. Ruth found an old vinyl record, in its’ original paper sleeve, in perfect condition. She had no idea what was on it, just that it was among her father’s things. I whipped it on my own turntable and was amazed at the recording of what sounded like a social gathering in the East Point area. Lots of local ladies and gents, including a fellow named “Chappie”, Stewart himself and others. They were enjoying some tea, which if you listen closely you’ll hear what sounds clearly like a mason jar being opened, and they mentioned more than once how good the “Tea” was.
Ruth gave me permission to have someone transfer the vinyl to a drive for posterity, which my son was happy to do, and now our webmaster has uploaded it to the site for all to hear. And there is no doubt lots of local people listening will recognize voices, and perhaps pick out some relatives.
Have a listen!